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Spirit Answers is a BIG GEM of a little book.  Jacqueline Watts has given us a gift! It is well written, easy to read and easy to understand.  It inspires me to continue to learn about spiritual growth and spiritual energy.  I have bought many copies to give as gifts to my friends and their feedbacks were very enthusiastic.  Comments such as, “Loved the Book!!! Awesome little book so packed with jewels!” “Wow, what a wonderful book!”

Uni  Smith, Charlotte, NC

I have been both a student and facilitator of the Ageless Wisdom teachings for over 30 year.  This book is a must-read for those who need simple answers and/or explanations for some of the basic principles about the Wisdom Teachings.

Rev. Rebecca Nagy, Charlotte, NC

I love Spirit Answers!  Thank you so much!

Karyn Johnson, Columbus, OH

This book gave me so much clarity to assist me in my spiritual journey.

Cindy Ridge, Charlotte, NC

Spirit Answers does an excellent job explaining spiritual growth.  Before reading this book, I didn’t have a clue, but now I understand.  Thank you!

Mary Flournoy, Atlanta, GA

I enjoyed reading Spirit Answers.  It was so easy to read, understand and absorb.  It has left me wanting to learn more.  The part about our personality becoming infused with our soul was so profound.  Thank you so much for sharing this book with me.

June Parish, Charlotte, NC

This book is very simple and easy to read.  It is based on the Ageless Wisdom teachings and is written in a very unique way.  A great book for anyone seeking to understand spiritual growth.

Charlotte Thompson, Charlotte, NC